Author Services

Starting a new career can be challenging and sometimes isolating. There is so much to think about and so much to do. At Profound Books we can assist with an author profile, book launch, printing, editing and so much more.

Book Launch Venues

Author Photographic Services

It is important to make the best possible first impression with the media, and your photo is one of the tools you have (in addition to an author bio and press release) to do that.

Author Book Signing Banners

Banners are a cost effective promotional tool for Authors and a great way to increase awareness of your books, newsletter sign ups and speaking engagements.

Promotional Material

How do your readers know about your book if you don;t promote?

Promotional material is a wonderful, tangible way to build your brand.  Whether you are leaving free book marks at a store to promote your book or giving our loyalty gifts to people who buy multiple copies, there is no doubt that promotional material keeps you top of a reader’s mind.


We offer a range of author marketing services.

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