Nonhlanhla Nzimande was born in Umzinto, kwaDumisa and later moved to Umlazi, Durban, where she did all her schooling career until tertiary. She studied Environmental Health, specialising in Occupational Health and Safety. Her family is now based in uMthwalume but currently resides in

Besides being a proud mother, Executive Professional Leader (SHEQ) – Safety Health, Environment, and Quality, Electrical Engineer, and Author, Nonhlanhla Nzimande, like everyone else, has been through the roughest of patches in her life. From being a victim of rejection to losing her materialistic possessions. From living in her apartment to living in someone’s backroom, which she could not afford as well. From losing her job due to destabilising heart matters to losing her dignity.

From a healthy-looking body to being a living bag of bones, literally, Nonhlanhla realised that even so, NOT ALL IS

Nonhlanhla Nzimande has been selfless enough to share her personal journey with humankind through the book she titled NOT ALL IS LOST. In this book, Nonhlanhla explicitly exposes the incidents. that led her to losing both tangible and intangible material in her life, and how possible it is for one to
rise afterwards.

In her book, Nonhlanhla argues, “As far as I know, reality is like a two-faced human – one on the mask, and one behind the mask. The reality on the mask is COMMON to almost everyone and effortless to attain. The second reality is the one behind the mask, the ABSOLUTE reality. Absolute reality is only
found in a mighty fall in life, which is a good and rare chance for one to activate the game plan to rise afterwards. One must keep in mind that the fallen state is not the resting place; it is rather an opportunity to activate the game plan to rise again. Let me tell you something, though, I was privileged and fortunate to witness the fall of the mask before my eyes. I survived the terror of being left with nothing else but my breath and bones, literally. After my family disowned me, and the only family I depended on, favoured the common reality, and gave me a cold shoulder, all about me went down
the drain.

My success memories became a catalyst to keep me going when common reality stripped me naked in the public eye. My materialistic achievements sank in quicksand, and dignity laid at the doorway for everyone to scrape the mud under their feet.

Yes, common reality outnumbers the absolute one, but only the divine revelation of the absolute reality will set you free. Speaking about what I saw behind the mask invited enemies into my life and left me isolated, but that did not change the absolute reality.

Isolation was my ultimate price to pay.


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