Monthly Author Focus – J D Kizza

This month we focus on Monthly Author Focus – J D Kizza .

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What inspired you to write?

I started writing creatively because it was a requirement for school.

We didn’t go much of anywhere when I was growing up, because my parents were always busy with work, and so I wouldn’t have much to say when we were told to write about our school holidays.

With encouragement from my teachers, I would create these fictional adventures that I went on over the break. My teachers realized quite early on that I was good at it, but it was only when I reached high school and had to deal with the drama of being a teenager that I found my joy for writing. I later developed an interest in reading as well, and that made writing more enjoyable. Inspiration came from everywhere and everything, and that spark has stayed with me to this day, helping me create stories and write poetry.

What was your first book? 

My first published book is called The Journals Of He.

It’s an erotic romance, told mainly in the first-person POV of the female lead, Dilia.
A quiet, introverted girl, she tells the story of how her life changes when she meets a handsome stranger by complete accident. Their friendship doesn’t blossom until two years later, when they encounter each other again. But their feelings for each other escalate quite quickly, and startled by the intensity of her feelings, Dilia begins to question both him and herself.

She realizes just how little she knows of the man, and is unable to help it when she finds herself deeply intrigued by the secrets of his past. She experiences traces of the life that he claims to have left behind, and she finds herself wanting more, parts of her awakening as she falls deeper in love with the man.
But then she finds herself overwhelmed by the depth of his mystery, and following a huge misunderstanding, she ends up risking her relationship with him.

Or does she? Stay tuned for the second instalment of The Journals Of He, out this Winter!

What genre/s do you write?

Romance dominates every novel that I write, lol.
I would like to write across genres, with the central theme being love and romance.

What do you like about writing in this genre?

The happy endings and the beauty of companionship.

Who is your favourite author?

I honestly don’t have one. I love good stories, no matter who the author is.

What are you currently working on?

 I’m working on two novels at the moment, completely unrelated.
Firstly, I’m busy putting the finishing touches to The Journals Of He: The Continuance, the second book in the Journals Trilogy. It picks up weeks after the events of Journals One, and by moving forward, it brings a little more clarity to certain events of the past.
Secondly, I’m working on a story that I have loved since the idea first popped into my mind, called Echo Grey (for now!). It’s about a trio of unusually gifted siblings who later find out that they were genetically enhanced from the womb, but I never published it. I started writing it when I was 14 and have since written and re-written it, with the hope that I’ll publish it one day soon.

What are your plans for the next year in your writing career?

I hope to have more reader interaction, more interactive social media content.
I’ve never really been comfortable talking about my work in person, so it would be a huge milestone for me when I do it fearlessly.
I’d also like to be more engaging with my readers–connect with them more, with the eventuality of transitioning to more sales for my books in general.

What tips do you have for aspiring, self-published authors?

Try not to dwell on the fact that you didn’t follow the traditional route to publishing your book.
Don’t believe the narrative that your book doesn’t belong in the world, simply because you chose to publish independently.
Keep on writing. There are so many stories that are released into the world each day, but there will always be a space for your story, so occupy it!
Learn as much as you can from everything and everyone around you.
Write the story, whatever it is. It doesn’t have to be perfect the first time around. That is what editing is for.
Be patient with yourself and your team. Sometimes, a typo survives all 8 rounds of editing and makes it to print and goes on the market–and only then do you discover the error. It might feel like the end of the world, but trust me, it isn’t. You’re still brilliant, and your story still matters. Keep pushing your Art into the world!

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