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A Little Unlucky

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We all have a story to tell, there is something
that has either broken us or made us who we are,
demons that take away our sleep or angels that
rock us to sleep.

The many shuttered pieces of our brokenness and
pain upon close scrutiny can propel us to be
the best version of ourselves.

There is a place in a not so distant world whose
residents have one thing in common, call it bad
luck, call it wizardry, call it disastrous,
I call it bravery. Broken as they are, unlucky
as life would have them. Their story is that of
heroism, hope and love.

Pull up a chair, fetch your favorite beverage and
let me tell you a tale of second chances, demise
ambushes, affection and treachery.


3 reviews for A Little Unlucky

  1. Thabang Mogane

    Yall best get one these books. I have read A LITTLE UNLUCKY and I have to admit for me Bongani TheAuthor is by far the best short story teller. It got me emotional and I realized a lot about life. I’ve learnt to appreciate much more in my life by reading just one book. Shepherd Segopotso Maele bro you’d love his writing skill/ability.

  2. Zandy Zwane

    The unlucky community lives in all of us. What a well written book.

  3. Cee

    I love how the writer Bongani Zwane puts emotions into these short stories. It feels so real

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