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A Perfectly Orchestrated Plan

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A Perfectly Orchestrated Plan starts with the protagonists finally laying down her hat, but the rug is quickly pulled out from under her. She doesn’t belong!

She never belongs! She gives us a tour of her double life – smiling on the outside, but dying on the inside because she is always on the other side of the fence, the go-to punching bag. As she struggles to stay afloat in a sea of cruelty, greed and jealousy, she shouts, “Am I not human? Do I not feel pain? If you cut me, will I not bleed?”

The reader can almost feel her loneliness and pain. A series of incidents occur that leave her emotionally, mentally and physically drained! She gives up on living in a world that never deserved her!

As she withdraws into her shell, somehow, someone, from somewhere, lifts her up! In the home-run she imparts a formula to righteous living, which she’d stumbled on by chance, with the hope of spreading love and fostering peace!

Years ahead of her time in a world that wasn’t ready to embrace her, she was blocked at every avenue!  Did she crumble? Did she lay down and die? No! Not her!

She may not have connected with this world, but she was so connected to herself, it was remarkable and scary at the same time! Love was her buoy as she swam against the current, forgiving the wrongs and accepting the things she couldn’t change!

The protagonist is Karnagie Govender!


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