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Author PR Photo (Group Special – Cost per person) – Saturday 22 October 2022 – 10H30

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Your official PR author photo is an important as an author. It represents your brand. It is used on your website, any press releases and your Amazon page.


Whether you enjoy being in front of the camera or prefer to fade into the background, you’ll most likely need to provide your publishing team with an author photo at some point in your career.

At Profound Books, we are committed to growing your author brand. But we also know that the publishing costs can really add up. So we have arranged group photoshoots at Profound Books on specific days.

We do group photos with five people in the session.

SPECIAL NOTE: These sessions are for 5 people at a time.  If we do not meet the 5 people quota, we will postpone the event.

What you get

  • Two (2) Individual Professional high resolutions images.
  • Our photographer has photographed some of the most famous names in the movie, literature and political world.
  • One outfit change.



Hair and MakeUp

Your image must be authentic, but if you would get a haircut or do make up for a special event, then do hair and make up for your photoshoot.


Are your nails cleaned, cuticles moisturised?

If you will hold your book, this detail may show. Either be nail polish free or make sure your nails are free of chips. If you use nail polish, then bring a top up bottle to touch up any chips that may occur on the day.


There is nothing worse than putting your best smile on at it has a bit of spinach in it. Bring along dental floss or toothpick and check your teeth in your hand-held mirror or in our beautiful bathrooms.


Check that your favourite shirt, suit, dress or blouse photo ready.

Send it to the dry cleaner, replace any missing buttons, check the seams or hems for signs of fraying.

Make sure you can change your outfit within 5 minutes. We are doing a group photoshoot and the other authors will be waiting for you.

Ladies, make sure your outfit still fits around the chest.


If you are doing a full length photo, make sure your shoes are polished and cleaned.

Books and Props

Make sure any books or props that you have packed and prepared the night before. These must be mobile and quick to change.

Your Second

Do you have ONE trusted friend or family member that checks your hair, makeup, pose and clothing details.

Be courteous to the photographer

This may sound like an unusual request, but when authors are under pressure, sometimes they get snappy. We have chosen a superb photographer who has photographed some of the most famous people in the world, but does these photoshoots are a rate significantly lower than the value he should be charging to help you jumpstart your career. He is kind, professional and treats all clients like celebrities, so treat him with the same courtesy.


The day is about celebrating your creativity and growing your brand. Just have fun.


We are looking forward to seeing you.


1 review for Author PR Photo (Group Special – Cost per person) – Saturday 22 October 2022 – 10H30

  1. Jolene Raison (verified owner)

    Such a stunning morning! It was such a treat to step away from the keyboard for a while and shift from author mode to fashion model mode for a few hours. The venue was beautiful with clean, spacious bathrooms to change in, a spring garden with a fragrant yesterday-today-and-tomorrow and creeping roses, and of course – what writers need most – excellent coffee in endless supply. I loved that all the authors were there together, I so seldom get to share, connect and just relax with people who share the same world as me. And my photos are gorgeous!

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