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Elite Productivity

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“Why do I concur that Elite Productivity will propel you forward and set you at high noon? I have been challenged by the book. It outlines solid success strategies that are feasible, effective, and trouble-free. I can speak with confidence that anyone who reads the book and applies the knowledge with consistency will be embarking on a journey to being the G-O-A-T. Really?! Yes. Mr. Ngomane has made it funny, factual, and fantastic, for you to achieve those excellent and unprecedented results. He has tactfully included examples from different industries and touched on all levels of hierarchy. The fact that Elite Productivity has captured your attention is testament to the fact that you have a compelling vision, a desire, and dream to make a success out of all your endeavors and undertakings. Have you ever looked into your future with 100x binocular vision, and wondered how you can make that vision a tangible reality? The answer that will speak to your individual situation is in the book – Elite Productivity. Don’t just take my word for it.”
– Audrey Mphela, Founder of LeadInTune (PTY) LTD and Retail Systems Training Specialist

“Each chapter starts beautifully by laying a vivid demonstration of the problem being addressed by that chapter. For example, the Break It Down chapter begins by clearly outlining what a goal can look like by using the author’s goal of writing this book as an example and the steps he undertook in breaking down said goal. These prelude sections are followed by a posteriori proposition in the form of anecdotes and literature to back up the claims. The stories used are relatable as they are what we go through daily. For instance, the use of the author’s personal Facebook experience and how he was conscious about not falling into the addition trap by taking deliberate and measurable steps to “feed his monkey” is an experience to which most of us can relate. The lessons shared in the book are applicable in an individual or team environment to improve productivity. For instance, the story of the aircraft maintenance team is well laid out. It highlights a variety of problems teams go through, such as poor planning, social loafing, lack of responsibility, and a lack of sense of urgency. Overall, the book highlights the importance of being aware of your environment to improve productivity. Steps such as identifying, collecting, and collaborating your resources when pursuing a goal are critical tenets in increasing one’s productivity levels. A key feature that gives this book a distinct theoretical salience is that it does not only point out problems, but it also offers prescriptions corresponding to the diagnosis through practical steps.”
– Vusi Maupa, Senior Policy Analyst at National Treasury


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