Extinguishing the Raging Fire that is the Capitalist System


Our world is slowly being snuffed by a system that is at war with our humanity. Its intention is to squeeze out the very core that makes us human beings, which is LOVE. As each day gives in to another, love is being eroded. As love is getting cooler each day, our hearts get harder. The state of affairs is leaving humanity in all its glorious colours — creeds, genders and political affiliations — more vulnerable than ever. The question on everyone’s lips that we dare not utter is, who is next?
Unless we wake up to the sanctity of our being and take incisive decision with determination and courage to extinguish the raging fire of the insatiable capitalist system, we and our generation shall surely be consumed. We shall have no offshoot to carry the vision of humanity to higher dimensions of evolution. All will be dead, either physically, mentally or emotionally.
COVID-19 has shown us that there is war out there yearning for the soul of humanity. Something is out to get each and every human being on planet earth. We are no longer wondering who is next. We are all next.
The truth is that we are ONE. What is good for all is good for one. Unconditional love is our only salvation.
As the famous freedom fighter, Mahatma Gandhi, has aptly observed, “We must be the change that we want to see.” This book is about being that change.


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