In Search Of My River


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In this his first volume of published poetry, Eugene Skeef becomes a new and powerful voice for a lost generation of Africans.

His powerful imagery is exceptionally lyrical, and echoes the rhythms and music that suffused his life since he was a young boy, sitting on his mother’s lap, stroking the keys of an old piano.

Forced into exile in 1980, he returns home to find that the place he left behind is not the same. And so, through his verse, he goes in search of his river, his roots, his being, his Africa.

Childhood memories and the rich characters that populated them are all that tie him to the life he left behind – mother, father, grandmother and uncle. South Africa herself, his motherland, for which he experiences anathema and admiration in equal measure, also offers up her stories from the ages.

Eugene’s immeasurable creative depth and spirituality shine from the pages and caress the reader as they travel down his river of dreams and vivid recollections.



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