Middleburg East


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Is it worth losing a life to save another?

2007, a time before your time, Kato Sterik is a modern teen who enjoys art, reads philosophy as a guilty pleasure and loves his family more than he is willing to admit. Middleburg East was always viewed as a seemingly safe and cheerful place with ominous energy. So, when one of his closest friends goes missing, Kato’s mind turns into a war zone.

Set on a mission to find, or rather save their friend, three determined teens, secretly go on a journey in which they endure violence, love, rejection and anguish. 

Ending up sacrificing more than they had signed up for, they become clouded by secrets, lies, bickering, betrayal, regrets and pretence. If you have to choose between saving your sister and saving your best friend, who will you save?


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