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Orphaned by Suicide: Life After Losing An Entire Family To A Murder-Suicide


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“The house was dead, no pun intended. I thought we were all mad, standing and crying to our hearts content because I still believed my dad could not be capable of doing all of what they say he did…”

“How could my father do this? “How much courage did it take to do all this?” “Were we not a happy family?
These are questions, that no 12-year-old should ever have to ask themselves- and yet this was little Alicia’s harsh reality. In this heart-wrenching memoir, Alicia “Sewdass” Ramdharee recounts the horrific event that would see her life thrown into complete chaos and confusion.

While the story of her family’s murder-suicide made national news headlines, she was shuttled from home to home, with no place to belong. Often being blamed for her family’s demise, Alicia struggled to find solace-as feelings of abandonment and disgrace threatened her physical and mental wellbeing.

This book chronicles her journey as an orphan and her continuous triumph over the shame of suicide.
For many whose lives have been overshadowed by the suicide of a loved one, this book serves as a reminder that:
You are not alone
It is okay, not to be okay
Grieving is a process for which there is no quick fix
Life is breathtakingly beautiful; live it to the fullest
In Alicia’s own words; “I wish that as a child, someone took me into their arms and held me
close. I wish that as an adult, no other child or person suffers a murder-suicide.”


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