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PROVIDENCE: Mystery of the Soul Ties


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A strange and powerful force ties the soul of a new-born baby girl, to that of a five year old boy Michael, whose best friend is the girl’s brother. Raised as an only daughter to a very affluent family in Sandton, Johannesburg, Jewls is spoilt the moment she enters the world and is treated like a little princess by her family and loved ones.

As she grows up, she becomes even more attached to Michael, becoming one another’s confidantes and biggest supporters through life, protecting each other from any and everything.

Now having blossomed into a young, astute woman, Jewls sets out to become a brilliant young attorney, earning her Master’s degree through a US university. Having never anticipated falling for a guy the very first day she set foot at the US university, she was taken aback by the strength of her own feelings and intensity of the love that awakens within her soul. It appeared as if the stars and planets had suddenly aligned to bring that particular suitor into her life.

Knowing deep in her heart that she desired to be with another man and possibly belonged with him, an avalanche of feelings characterize her stay in the US, leaving her wracked with conflict.

Two extremely potent forces are at play, pulling in opposite directions, threatening to overwhelm her as she battles constantly with her feelings.

Who will she end up with if fate has its way?


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