Stained Torment

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WARNING: Adult horror content. This work is not suitable for minors. It contains extracts of a sensitive nature. (VNSL)

As a young child, Kora failed to rid the physical and haunting presence of the bad man, Mr. Red Eyes. No one understood her horror stories and nightmares, so she stopped complaining. The bloody sacrifices and torture continued…tragically it intensified the day after her eighteenth birthday. Again, no one seemed to care!

However, in time even her own family considered her regular injuries and ‘episodes’ to be self-inflicted. Just like another wayward teenager seeking attention from a lack of self-confidence. Everyone turned a blind eye, all too afraid to get involved. This was when Mr. Red Eyes identified himself as Evil personified. After which this sassy all-American blonde bombshells’ hidden defiance really began. Was this a sick joke or did she know better? Where did the war between Love and Evil begin and how long will it continue? Could Kora end it all, with her ultimate surrender and the slaying of her own soul? This book will appeal to anyone with an open mind to the paranormal and who enjoys mind games. If you challenge what hides in the dark instead of running away, you will love the storyline. Remember if all else fails, keep on screaming!

13 reviews for Stained Torment

  1. Dereck Hoare

    I was chilled to the bone reading this book, I couldn’t put it down, congratulations to the author for a very well written book. I’m looking forward to more of his works.

  2. Vanessa

    It was a great read. As Horror is not normally my reading genre, I am glad that I went into it knowing that it was going to be graphic. I will be waiting for the second book when ready. Well done.

  3. Allison

    This book was quite different from what I usually read but it was definitely an interesting story. The plot of supernatural beings and good versus evil was done in a way I hadn’t seen before. Excellent.

  4. Wayne L UK

    I was so surprised by this book. Its the writer’s first book but it did not dissappoint. If you like vivid imagery and a thrill, then this horror story is for you. Excellent.

  5. Molly Matus

    Great Book !!
    Kept you entertained & was over way too quick , waiting for next book !!!!

  6. Molly Matus

    Great Horror Book!!
    Enjoyed it Greatly
    Awaiting more Books by this author

  7. Astrid

    Great horror book, had me at the edge of my seat. I enjoyed reading it.

  8. Leanne du Preez

    Takes you on a journey of horror and into the pits of hell.

  9. Amanda

    An intense and visceral reading experience. I can’t wait for the next one!

  10. Avesh Singh

    What an enthralling read! Keeps you glued to the pages wondering what evil will happen next. Graphically it is shocking to the core. Every horror fans dream! Can’t wait for the prequel…

  11. Lauren Berkowitz

    A different read to what I’m used to. There was a good mix of the out there imagination of the author and the real life story of the main character which made it a good easy read

  12. Ingrid

    Stained Torment is like a book I have never read, it is scary and keeps you on your toes. Could not put it down. It was very well written and cannot wait for the next one. It is a great Xmas gift to those that can handle it.

  13. Wilmari Olivier

    “It is truly a stay-up-all-night read, with an unexpected ending. The novel is chilling to the core. I wish I had another Bruce Cuttman novel to read.”

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