The Dry Tears of a Bleeding Child


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Elizabeth, along with her younger brother, Lawrence, is a virtual slave living on a farm owned by the Forsythes. She depends upon Charles Forsythe, her cruel master, for everything. He extends his hold over her by raping her and as a result she becomes pregnant. It is while she is in hospital giving birth that she glimpses a life that is possible beyond her miserable existence, mainly because of the kindness shown to her by a young white male nurse. Elizabeth has nothing, and even the child, whom she has named Jordan after the young nurse, is taken from her by the Forsythes who renames her. Her only hope is Charles’ mother, a kind lady who visits occasionally from England. Over time she realises the state of affairs and attempts to right the wrongs done to Elizabeth and her brother. But Elizabeth is not free. A chance meeting with the nurse, now a doctor, again gives her a glimpse of a different kind of life, but a different fear holds her back. Will she ever be free and happy?


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