The Legend of the River Monster


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The city of Bochabela is falling apart. After Titus accidentally discovers treasure, his community becomes very rich and famous but the people change. They become greedy and start accusing each other of stealing. Now there is a river monster on the loose, threatening to destroy everything. The city mayor disappears, leaving the city in chaos.

Titus finds himself on the run from an angry mob, which blames him for everything. He seeks help from an old wise king, but it takes the courage of young Thembi to find a way of getting rid of the hideous monster and restoring peace. The problem is – no one believes her or the king.

This is a short, engaging story in an African setting. The book has 10 chapters with colorful illustrations, written in simple English. At the end of each chapter there is a set of short questions to keep young readers focused. It can be used as additional reading to assist parents and teachers to improve comprehension, spelling and expanding the vocabulary for the middle grade learner.


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