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The World Upside Down


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If we examine the world very closely, a recurrent phenomenon of events bearing the nature of immense civilization turned upside down will undeniably be evident to our discernment. Everything is misery, as a sea of suffering and pain endures… Some people appear to have it all but suffer inwardly as they feel deep dissatisfaction at the core of being. Some do not have it all, but are filled with joy and peace because they are loyal to their core needs. Others have become sceptics because what they uphold as inherited belief has not filled them; consequently everything appears to them as highly suspect material.The question is what brings about these despondent conditions and how can things properly take shape again? The world is upside down because of our greed and ignorance − a deadly combination.Through reason and evidence, this thought-provoking book offers exhilarating insight into the origin of the troubles with the world, and demonstrates that the future of humanity can be given a proper value that provides adequate means for all to have. To live well we must know who we are individually. Failing to do that as a collective, we will always be desperate to change the man in the mirror.


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