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Trust Your Struggle – How my Indian Family’s Migration, Pain and Sacrifices shaped my life story.


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This book, my biography, is my assurance to all who struggle out there to keep meeting the challenges on the way to fulfilling their dreams, and know that if I – an Indian boy from a rural sugar estate of Esperanza located on the lower South Coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa, could make it this far, others can perhaps achieve much more because the world is a place of way more increased opportunity today than it used to be when I was growing up in apartheid-era South Africa. I look back in amazement at how far I have reached from the rustic barracks of my boyhood fashioned out of tin sheets and wood, hammered in place with rusty nails and held together with love, and know for sure that so much is possible for so many of us if we keep to the course. Today, as a trainer, coach, and facilitator with a background in the automotive and lubricants industry spanning four eventful decades with some of the most prestigious international brands, I have both the bottom-up as well as the top-down view. Having come up from the level of an apprentice motor mechanic, achieving a Master of Business Degree to handling company operations across many nations, I have insights to offer, experiences to share and stories to tell that are in my opinion of value for others looking to find their place in the world. I hope that in these pages, my readers will know the boy I used to be, the man I became and the teacher I hope to be. Hopefully, my grandchildren, and some little boy or bright-eyed girl in the suburbs of Kwa-Zulu Natal, Africa, India or globally will read these words and dare to dream a dream bigger than the one scripted by their circumstances, their fate. One such life changed would be ample reward for the long hours of labor invested in manifesting this book, which you hold in your hand.


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