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Walking Without Skin – A Journey of Healing – From Fear to Forgiveness to Freedom


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Walking Without Skin
From Fear to Forgiveness to Freedom
A journey of healing

Walking Without Skin is compelling reading. An authentic narrative voice reflects the arduous journey of Lois Wagner through a series of life crises emanating from her violent attack and rape at her Cape Town office one New Year’s weekend, culminating years later in her finding the courage to attend her attacker’s parole hearing to forgive him, and in so doing setting herself free.
Brutally honest but poignant, there are occasional glimpses of the woman Lois was before this terrible event: active, athletic, adventurous, with a strong circle of friends.
Her subsequent decline into depression, overeating and -drinking and withdrawal from all her previous business leadership roles finds her betrayed by her business partner, unemployed, and facing an enormous backlog of bills.
Determined to discover meaning in the midst of the horror, Lois begins to write Walking Without Skin, and to connect with women in similar situations. She writes letters, lobbies those with influence, uses the media to focus on the rape crisis situation in the country.
Walking Without Skin simply had to be written. Lois needed to tell her story –to put this trauma behind her. Her learning and growth can support others who have experienced the hurt, but have not yet found the healing and freedom that comes from forgiveness.
Out of her own traumatic experiences Lois has developed a support system for individuals facing life challenges to enable them to triumph over their trauma and move from victim to thriver and beyond, to find peace and emotional freedom.
She does this by building their resilience and grit, developing a growth mindset, and energising their mojo, using her signature (and often humorous) A-Z process via one-on-one or group coaching and keynote presentations.
Co-author of One Hundred Words of Motivation and contributor to the best-selling collaborative work Voices of the 21st Century, Lois is a South African businesswoman with extensive local and international speaking, human resource training, business and project management, marketing, consulting, and leadership coaching experience.


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